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Tom Olofsson Chicago Lawyer

My name is Tom Olofsson. I am an attorney practicing in Illinois. I help clients in a few limited areas of the law. I help them plan their estates. I help my clients protect their assets and to pass those asset to their loved ones when they die. I help them qualify for government benefits when necessary.

People come to me because they are concerned about their future and because they care about their family and friends.  My clients have thanked me for helping them prepare and helping them feel more secure.

I work with attorneys and professionals who provide other services. If you have a question or concern that I am unfamiliar with then I probably know someone who can help you with it. Call and I will see what I can do for you.

If you would like to protect your assets or if there is someone you care about then feel free to call me.  We can talk about how I might support you in your efforts.


The information in this blog and in the videos is accurate at the time we produced them. The blog and videos are based on the laws of the State of Illinois. We have tried to make them easy to understand. To do this we had to keep the information general in nature.

Visiting this blog and opting-in to receive information and access to videos does not create a lawyer-client relationship. The only way to become a client is for to meet with you personally and discuss whether we are the right lawyers to work with you. This is not easy to do by email or by phone.

The information in this site is designed to get you started on the planning process. The sample forms found on this sight are for reference only. We can not control how they are completed or used.

I am licensed to practice law in Illinois. There are important differences between the laws in Illinois and the laws of other states. If you are a resident of another State we are happy to help you find an attorney in your home State.

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