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At the Law Offices of Tom Olofsson, we help clients in a few limited areas of the law. We help them with Estate Planning, including Living Trusts and Wills. We help our clients protect their assets and ensure those assets are passed on to their loved ones when they die. We also help them qualify for government benefits when necessary.

People come to us because they are concerned about their future and because they care about their family and friends. Our clients thank us for helping them prepare and helping them feel more secure.

Here are a couple things that make us different…

  • The focus is on you. The planning process begins with you and your wishes for your family. Our first concern is you and your family. Our job is to help make sure that your plans for your loved ones come true. My practice is limited to helping individuals and families plan their estates. I do this by meeting with you to discuss your family situation and how best to pass your assets on to your loved ones.
  • I make house calls. Many families have told me that my coming to them makes life easier particularly when a member of the family is elderly or has special needs. It is much easier and it makes more sense for me to hop in my car.

If you would like to protect your assets or if there is someone you care about then feel free to call me. We can talk about how I might support you in your efforts.